Linkage Community Trust lands £15,000 to help adults with autism into work


The Specialist Autism Transitionary Resource, or Star, is being run by learning disability charity Linkage Community Trust.

It is one of 42 initiatives with Department of Health finding to help improve life chances for people who have autism.

The project will work directly with 12 individuals over a six-month period to encourage them into paid work, including self-employment.

Visits to employers, work-shadowing or a time-bound work experience placement will all be included.

The funding was announced at the latest meeting today of the LN6 Business Network, at the new Linkage@Lincoln building, by head of development and marketing Linda Grant.

Linkage chief executive Ges Roulstone said: “We want to make a difference to the employment opportunities and aspirations of people with autism and their families in Lincolnshire.

“This project recognises that people with autism face particular barriers to accessing the same opportunities and experiences as everyone else, particularly in work.

“We know that only 15 per cent are in full-time employment, despite the fact that 79 per cent of people with autism on out-of-work benefits want to work.

“Given that about 4,000 adults in Lincolnshire are estimated to have autism, this represents a huge number of people whose aspirations are not being met and whose contribution is missing from the workplace.”

Linkage is represented on Lincolnshire County Council’s Autism Partnership, so the charity hopes that the project will help breathe life into the county’s autism strategy.

The charity hopes work opportunities will come through the Autism Partnership and local colleges, businesses and employers working together in future.

The project will be based at the new Linkage@Lincoln building at Checkpoint Court in Sadler Road.

The outcome will be included in a Department of Health national report. It runs until June and will be free. Participants can attend on a one-to-one basis or join a group.

For further information, please contact Linda Grant by emailing

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