What to Expect

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What to expect at an LN6 meeting/networking event

  1. Lunch - our hosts offer a pretty decent spread too - and it's always relaxed so you can get away with talking and 'discreetly' sneaking a samosa in your mouth.
  2. 30 mins of informal networking - meeting new people and enjoying existing relationships.
  3. Welcome and introduction of LN6 and its objectives
  4. Guest speaker will present for 10-15 minutes
  5. Collaborative and fun ice breaker activity - this is NOT about standing up and talking about what you do, it's more about getting creative juices flowing, think more, 'what does the number 9 smell like' rather than, 'I'm john Smith and I have x years of experience'. There will be a list of questions or statements that attendees will ruminate over in pairs or groups.
  6. The remaining time is usually filled in with idle chatter i.e. building stronger relationships until you need to take your leave.

What do I need to bring?


Just yourself, a smile and a decent handful of business cards. If you have visual work, it may be worth bringing an iPad, etc to show off your portfolio. Our sessions are about making connections and building upon relationships. Networking is a long game, please don't expect to do any transactional business at an event. It's all about getting to know the local business community and waiting for those referrals to come in - it's about who you know after all.

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Do I need to prepare for a meeting?

Considering the above answer, the most important thing to bring is yourself - your personality, a little bit of confidence or a poker face if you're more inclined to be shy in these scenarios. That being said;  Failing to plan is planning to fail. Don't simply turn up without having a look at the attendees, doing a little research on the guest speaker, the venue hosting the event and so on. If you come completely clueless, it can be a tricky one to hide.

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How do I capitalise on my LN6 connections?

LN6 Meeting held at Nicholson Chartered Accountants

Picture: Sarah Washbourn

As we've already said, networking is a long game. Nurturing relationships you make, touching base outside of LN6 meetings for a quick hello over email or LinkedIn, referring people you have met to someone looking for exactly what they offer - it all pays dividends in the long run. It's about really listening and understanding what the local business community has to offer - we've got some seriously skilled expertise within our area - utilise it, tell your friends and colleagues about it and in turn, the same will be done for you.


LN6 Event 13th May 2022. Images kindly provided by the event sponsor, The Lincolnshire Tea & Coffee Company.


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