LN6 Event Friday 14th of January 2022

Agile Working and Humanistic Leadership.

When: 14th of January
Time: 12-2pm
Where: Zoom

For our January meeting, we’ll have a couple of speakers unraveling the string of Agile Working and Humanistic Leadership.

As the world is finally finding out, more flexible, agile ways of working coupled with treating people more like people has the potential to increase productivity, engagement and loyalty. Let’s see what we can learn from each other and our speakers to make business work for everyone.

After our speakers, we will be back to our collaborative games plus a spot of informal networking.

Our first speaker, Adam Davey, is Co-Founder and Director of Petaurum HR and has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. Petaurum not only support businesses on day-to-day issues but also in designing, developing and implementing people strategies in a range of organisations from PLCs to SMEs. During his session, Adam will talk about our once in a lifetime opportunity to reset work – one that if we can get it right will allow us to make our work lives more purposeful, productive, agile and flexible. Adam will offer top tips for designing a successful approach to hybrid working and 4 steps to successfully manage a hybrid team.

Our second speaker, Wil Payne from Newland Partners, has over 15 years’ experience in people and organisation development supporting the private, public and charitable sectors to deliver their strategic business plans.  He has worked as HR Director for FMCG and Service businesses where he has built a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in shaping and implementing people strategies to deliver commercial value whilst enhancing employee engagement and retention of talent.  In his career to date, Wil has worked with people from the school room to Board room enabling them to achieve their full potential as well as forging productive partnership opportunities for growth and innovation. Wil is a qualified Leadership and Management coach with a wealth of experience in improving personal and team performance.