Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Business – 9th of September 2022

Sponsored by Soper BMW

Format: Panel of experts Q&A.
When: 9th of September 2022.
Time: 12:00pm to 14:00pm.
Where: The event will be hosted at Soper BMW, Roman Way, South Hykeham, Lincoln, LN6 9UH
Max Attendees: 35

Do you want to transform your business into a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly business?  Our panel of experts will provide insight, tips and tricks to help you do just that.

LN6 events are always informal and fun.  We pack a lot into the two-hour event, including a tasty buffet, some fun interactive activities to help introduce you to someone new and of course the opportunity to hear from our sponsor or learn from our expert panel members.

At this particular event you can learn more about helping your business to become more environmentally friendly and in turn, financially and environmentally sustainable.  The cost of energy at the moment is rocketing and businesses and households alike need to find ways to mitigate heat loss, reduce energy consumption or the reliance on the grid.

About the Panel Members

Carrie Clarke – Siemens Energy

Carrie is the Business Development Manager – Decarbonisation for Siemens Energy. She has worked for Siemens in one capacity or another since 2005.  Since 2019, much of her focus has been on sustainability, minimising the company’s impact on the environment whilst maximising their impact on society. She could probably talk about energy efficiency and sustainability in business all day!

Stefan Bilyk – Soper BMW

Stefan is the Local Business Development Manager at Soper BMW. Not only does Stafan have knowledge of the sustainability of the building we will be using to host the meeting in, but he is also a pro on all things electric cars.