I am the Chef Director of ‘by Darren Rogan’. Having started training aged 15 I immediately fell in love with the industry. Despite working in kitchens for 17 years now my passion hasn’t waned. I continue to enjoy using different ingredients, trying new and unusual flavour combinations and using modern cooking techniques. As a Proud Yellowbelly, using fresh, local, seasonal produce wherever possible is really important to me as I believe it captures the time of year and enhances the flavour of the dish. There’s such a variety and such great quality produce here in the county it would be silly to look elsewhere. I use local meats, fish, veg and cheeses which I feel helps to include a unique sense of Lincolnshire into the dishes I create. To me the perfect plate of food is as impressive visually as its tastes with a perfect balance of colours, textures and flavours I like to research different ingredients, cultures and modern food trends to create innovative and quirky new dishes. I specialise in bespoke private dining and offering my clients a bit of a different culinary experience. Over the years I’ve developed my own eclectic style of cooking. I enjoy pushing boundaries with my work, using modern techniques and new and unusual flavour combinations to create food that’s exciting and original.

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