Annual Charitable Quiz Night – The mother of all quiz nights!!!

Wednesday 24th April 7pm at The Natural World Centre, Moor Lane, Thorpe-on-the-Hill, Lincoln LN6 9BW

Tickets here!

  • Teams of 4 – £80 per team ticket (includes food)
    A great opportunity for local businesses to have a fun evening whilst taking advantage of an opportunity for:

    • team building – through fun collaboration and competition
    • brand exposure – through a variety of sponsorship opportunities
    • inter-company bonding and networking – strengthen bonds with other local businesses and develop a sense of being part of a larger business community, whether your business is large or small. You can even enter teams that combine members of separate companies if you are a micro business.
    • join the business community in raising large sums for local charities
  • You can just simply enter a quiz team or we have the following sponsorship opportunities available to give your brand some kudos and visibility at the event:
    • Overall event sponsor – this will be decided by a closed bid system. The highest bid wins the opportunity. Send bids to The overall event sponsor wins the following package of benefits:
      • introduce the evening and their business (5 minutes) – they may show a brief video but need to liaise with the venue regarding logistics
      • decorate the event (bar the tables and the question sheets) at they see fit
      • branded table plan board at entrance
      • brand dominance of event publications (e.g. MailChimp Circulars, Facebook Event etc.)

Overall event sponsors may also enter as many teams as they so wish. They may also sponsor as many tables or question rounds as they so wish

    • Table sponsors – a fixed cost of £100 per table. Table sponsors gain the following package of benefits:
      • decorate as many tables as they have sponsored as they see fit; limited only by their imagination (e.g. branded coasters, small table-top signage, table cloth, balloon etc.). Sponsor several tables to gain more exposure. You can creatively decorate them with all your company branding for the team that finds itself sitting there and for everyone else who walks past. A well-branded balloon may have you seen from across the lake!
    • Question round sponsors – a fixed cost of £150 per question round. question round sponsors gain the following package of benefits:
      • 1 minute company introduction at the start of their round
      • They get to brand up and produce the question sheet for as many rounds as they have sponsored (needs to be approved by LN6 Committee to ensure that it is functional for purpose). Creatively decorate the question sheet with all your company branding and get it seen by everyone in the room for the duration of the entire round.
    • There will be a raffle. Businesses are encouraged to offer raffle prizes that will both provide something of value to the winning teams and raffle winners but also generate potential new trade for their business.
  • Teams should be from organisations with an LN6 postcode but may invite partners, family and friends to make up their teams.
  • Organisations may enter multiple teams
  • Both food and drinks will be via at table service
  • There will be both meat and vegetarian dish food options
  • There will be prizes for the winning team, winning organisation, winning profession / business sector and more
  • Here’s the twist: bribes or ‘ inducements’ may be purchased from any of the Committee members!
    • for example, we can be encouraged to ‘lose count’ on a rival teams particular round (take off a point) e.g. £1 per point
    • £50 can make a big difference! A rival team’s score for an entire round can literally disappear!
    • £100 can make whole teams disappear!!! Ideal for those in your organisation who bragged just that little too much the last they came out tops at your last fun competitive event.
    • Of course, all this does require a little forethought to determine which teams are the cleverest and at what subjects.
    • If you suspect a spot of jiggery-pokery, you can purchase a ‘naming and shaming’
  • Free parking

Any questions should be directed to Sean Barkes at or 07590 983974

Tickets here!


What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Free onsite parking…but you really want a taxi, don’t you! Go on! Let your hair down!

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?